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NTBO Quality mark for weddings

The “Nederlandse Trouwbranche Organisatie” (NTBO, Dutch Wedding Industry Organization) makes high demands on its members and is annually checked by an independent agency. SKYFLY is the first DJ show in the Netherlands to have received this quality mark for weddings. That means that we distinguish ourselves as professional, reliable and innovative.
The Quality mark for weddings stands for:


SKYFLY works with fixed procedures and checklists. Small or big, each order is carried out with the same protocol.


By now, SKYFLY has been in business for well over 20 years. In these 20 years, SKYFLY has been given the opportunity to take care of the music for thousands of weddings and has made hundreds of business parties unforgettable. We like to give good and clear information, we set down the arrangements in a contract, we expertly guide your party and we do everything we can to make your wedding party unforgettable.


SKYFLY works with, among other things, a unique and very attractive lightshow with e.g., LED columns. We can adapt these columns to any colour you want and in this way we create a certain atmosphere that fits in with your wedding. Furthermore, we organize a demo evening every fortnight, during which we go through your musical wishes in a personal call.
What does this quality mark mean for you as a client?
Every company that bears the Quality Mark for Weddings, has indicated that it will observe a number of rules, the code of conduct of NTBO. That is why you, as a client, are assured of the following things when you enter into a cooperation with us:

  1. We are easily accessible and give sufficient and correct information.
  2. We make clear agreements, which are set down in writing.
  3. We meet our commitments.
  4. We are always looking for an innovative approach.
  5. We will expertly supervise every wedding.
  6. We are a showpiece and that is why our presentation is representative.
  7. We keep all personal data secret.
  8. We send an invoice that is drafted as laid down by law.
  9. We deal with any complaint seriously and look for a fitting solution.
  10. We do everything we can to make your wedding day a success!
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