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Special effects

Special effects make your business event complete. SKYFLY has an extensive portfolio of effects available, which we can use for you on your:

  • business party
  • staff party
  • jubilee
  • fair
  • opening
  • show
  • unveiling
  • opening
  • ..or any other business event


Confetti adds enormously to the fun. We can arrange for confetti bursts in various ways. Large-scale and meticulously timed with confetti blowers from a stage, or rather by small hand-held confetti shooters that were handed out to the guests. Would you like special shapes such as hearts, flowers or butterflies: of course that is also possible. On some locations, ‘normal’ confetti is no longer allowed. Then, (wide) streamers are a beautiful alternative. Coloured strips of paper shoot through the air and can very easily be cleared away after the event.


With CO2 you create beautiful fog and smoke effects in a hall or around a stage. With a loud hissing sound, you will put the stage or the audience in the fog in a split second?. By highlighting it with various colours of light, the dramatic effect will be even larger. The fog dissolves again in no time and is absolutely safe and harmless for your health.


Fire has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. With stage flames, you create a real wow-factor for your guests. SKYFLY has a whole range of fire effects at its disposal: from large flames measuring several metres to small stage flames for an indoor stage. The flames can be implemented in various colours.


Openings and unveilings will become perfect with drop systems or drops. Curtains, balloons, nets: it does not really matter what you use to bring about an unveiling, but with a power drop system you arrange it. Operated from a distance and timed to the second. The size of the object to be unveiled is not an issue either: from a painting to a commercial building, and anything in between!


Paint parties have been popular for some time in the United States, but recently this idea has become booming in Europe as well. A dance floor filled with people dressed in white who raise the roof while they are sprayed with fluorescent paint from everywhere – and by each other –.  Black lights around the dance floor create a fantastic visual effect.

Do you have other ideas?

May be you want something completely different. Did you see or hear something of which you think: “I want that on my event”. Feel free to contact us: we love thinking out-of-the-box and we can take care of special effects that defy comparison.

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